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Katika mahojiano kati ya mwandishi wa habari Charlayne Hunter,Mwalimu alisema hivi kuhusiana na matatizo ya Afrika.

" When we have African problems, we, ourselves, have a duty to solve our problems. I think we must accept that. When you have African problems, we should try on our own to solve those problems. We would prefer the outside world to keep out. If we want help, we can seek for help. But do you realize sometimes we ask for help, and it doesn't come. On the 5th of last month our leaders met in Nairobi, and if said need an external--we need a force to go into Zaire to help the refugees to come back. It's not happening. And we appealed to the United Nations to establish that force, and we said we would also be participating in that force. Well, quite frankly, this is not happening. What is happening is a kind of self-help within Eastern Zaire, itself. And the refugees are going back. I hope--I think the lesson which Africa should draw from that is that they should rely upon themselves to the maximum when it comes to dealing with African problems".

Nakubaliana na Mwalimu kuhusu taratibu ya kutatua matatizo ya bara la Afrika.

Wewe je?

Posted by nyahbingi worrior. Wednesday, June 1, 2011


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