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Order, now my court is in sessionwill u please standfirst allow me to indroduce myselfmy name is judge 'betta mus com'some people call me judge 1000 yearsi am from afrikai com to try all u politiciansfor sellin out black people.
Judge:in my court, only me talkcause i am vex,dis is de people's courtwhat do you have here today
Voice:well your honourwe have defendantssenator sanky singh andsenator change mimindalso here is mr. religious beliefbut i think we shall deal withthe senators today,at a later date we will deal withmr. religious belief.
Judge:alright, alrightpolitician singh andpolitician change mimindu are brought herefor tricking black people,by promising demgood livin every five yearsu have been sellin out black people to foreigners.
Singh:your honour
Judge:hush up a not finish yetwat u want to do,promise me to?i see de rich gettin richeran de poor dyin
Mimind:your honour,fundamentally,if i may say somethingat dis point in time....
Judge:shut up.this is the people's court anda not allowing anypolitrikin hereif u disturb me again i willgive you 1000 yearsfor contempt of court.u are also charged forchargin de people too much taxesbecause of your mismanagementspendin moneythen taxing the people for it.u keep borrowing moneyfrom the i.m.f. and the world bankin the people's namecontinuing de oppression of black peopleby the same colonialistwhy u can't learnno so called third world countryhas been able to break loosefrom these money hogsyou have black peoplein a vicious cycle.
Mimind:if it wasn't for me, black people in this countrywould still be worshippinthe statue of liberty.
Singh:well tell me how come uchange your mind now...
Judge:shut up.what you trying to do?confuse the court.i am giving you both 1000 yearson the first account.from 1938 until nowyou have been dividing black peopleyour promisin de peopleright back into slaverynow de only thing u have been truthful about is your thingabout 'out of many one'
Singh:your honour, that was taken from my uncle sam
Judge:yes, cause only one peoplea clean de streetone people a eat out a garbage heapone people to cut sugar caneone people ina sun an rainone people a toilan one people a collect de coilspeakin of uncle sami shall also charge u for givenrise to crack and cocainein dis countryby killin off the ganja plantthat use to help tobalance our foreign exchange deficiti am givin you 1000 yearsfor the crimes of anthonygirlie girlie godfather donan mr. crack stone
Mimind:but your honour
Judge:your should be hanged but i shall be lenientand give you both 1000 years.i have been noticing thatin your airportsonly out going passengersare caught with drugsbut neva a tourist,yet we don't grow cocaine herebut it still getting more and more common.
Singh & Mimind:but the tourist business isvital to our national economy
Judge:vital, vital to whowid u all exclusive hotelstourists will soon thinknegril is a next island by itselfu claim that the poorcan't teck no morebut you not givin them anythinga see more benz than ladaand hear that a car thatcost $20,000 in Miamicost $800,000 here.wat you do wid all thatextra money at customsu keep talkin bout tourist harrasment,jamaicans are harrassed daily in foreigneveryday dem talkin bout jamaican posse
Singh:your honour, as you can plainly see,when i was in powerthings was goin to get right,i had all de white peoplewid money on my sideall the brown peoplewas starting to feel likedem was livin in miami
Judge:but what about de black people?
Singh:well a was just gettin around to themwhen a loss de elections your honor
Mimind:that is no excuse your honourbefore him, black people was gettin very self sufficientbrown people was startin to acquire houses in miami
Singh:that is because dem was runnin away your honour
Mimind:white people started to seh i and i and irie
Singh:your honour, if it wasn't for him and his black ideologywe would reach much further....
Mimind:your honour, im neva have poor people in mind,that is why wi havin so much trouble now
Singh:your honour,is him change, not me
Mimind:your honour,im have a party of gangs,im sey suh imself.
Judge:shut up.i see no difference between both of you.u both following the same thingthat has been and still iskeepin down black people.
Mimind:when u not in power your honour,it is easy to say dis and that.but when you have poweris a different sankyyou have to sing.
Judge:I am givin you both another 1000 years.nun of you have the solutionto black people problema suggest you readthe philosphy and opinions of marcus em carefully,then i might just grant onu pardonand another thing,before onnu begin onnu sentence,both of u visit the arcadeand see how poor womenrun business from nothin.let the domestic helpersshow u how to use $130 to feed a family of six for one take them away.

Posted by nyahbingi worrior. Friday, September 18, 2009


  1. Yeah Man.
    Nice to be in here. Make we try make 'em understand what I 'n I are supposed to live in dis little world.
    Feeling Irie in here and am Blessed to step in.
    Blessi I 'n I

  2. nuff nuff respect man.Karibu sana.


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