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black we black,
we look back,
my history back,
your history back,
her story back,
yes black we black.

yes black we black,
for only those black in Africa,
i never recognise black in western black,
some run claiming to get wisdom in western black,
wisdom is here in Africa,yes AFRICA,
yes black we black.

black we black,
we got queens and kings,
not in western black queens and kings,
yes black we black.

a birth of child in black we black,
a child by a black farther and a western mother never call black,
we black never recognise two colours and yell its black,
a child born by black,
rised by black,
mother black,
farther black,
yes black we black.

Posted by nyahbingi worrior. Thursday, December 3, 2009


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