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Kenyatta Hill.

Filling Joseph Hill’s shoes is a daunting task for even the most experienced veteran of reggae music, and it was nerve-wracking for a man who had never sang before. Kenyatta Hill describes the situation saying, “It was a challenge, because I never knew I could sing. I was a nervous wreck. There was pressure because I had a big role to fill.” Not only can the boy sing, he sounds exactly like his father. But Kenyatta Hill also knew that he was specially prepared to accept the challenge: “Since he is no longer around to do the work himself, I feel it is my duty to carry on the work. I know that he was preparing me for this.” This experience was filled with personal loss, strong emotions, and an inner fire to carry his father’s torch. Kenyatta Hill was able to channel all of these qualities into his own songwriting after his father’s passing and has come up with his first solo effort – a tribute to his father Joseph Hill, a song titled “Daddy.” I bet the boy had little trouble finding musicians to back his vocals, with Sly Dunbar and Dean Frasier filling the powerful role. I haven’t heard this song yet, but from my experience with the artists involved, I have no doubt that it will be powerfully moving, with a bass guitar that thumps your heart and a voice that croons your saddest moments out of memory. But as always, roots reggae music has the power to soothe, to heal those wounds with its uplifting lilt and the breeziness of better days to come. I will definitely be on the lookout for the audio for “Daddy” and will share it when I find it. Kenyatta will be releasing a full-length album on Tafari Records later this year.

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